1 Management
  1.1 Proven management team in previous business ventures of same type
(5 years).
  1.2 Management style is profit driven.
  1.3 100% dedicated to this company and nothing else.
  1.4 Need to prove they are the best in the world in their business!
  1.5 The President must be a salesman.
  1.6 Personal financial need to succeed.
  2 Product
  2.1 Product with 10 times the capability for 1/3 the cost (factor 30).
  2.2 Technology engine will result in family of products (not just one).
  2.3 R&D engine with 6 month product launch cycle.
  2.4 Marketing engine within 6 months for hardware and within 3 months for
software for full U.S. distribution and with 6 month full international
  2.5 Sustainable barrier to entry with customers and/or distribution channels.
  3 Potential Revenue
  3.1 Possibility to build company of $100,000,000 in sales.
  3.2 Can easily see $20,000,000 in sales within 3 years.
  4 Disinvestment
  4.1 Have identified 5 possible purchasers before investing and confirmed
that purchasers' internal development plans make them possible
purchasers 3 years from now.
  4.2 Possibility to sell shares for 10 to 20 times TechnoCap's investment.

Please provide the following in one email to BusinessPlan@TechnoCap.com

  1. Investor PowerPoint & Business Plan
  2. Core team resumes
  3. Technology White Paper
  4. Patent History (including patents filed, patents pending, and patents
  5. Third party report sizing the big addressable market, including competitors
    & their competitive positioning.

    Please take the time to thoroughly prepare these documents.
    This will enable us to properly review your opportunity.

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