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You are an outward looking business development professional that thinks big ($100,000,000 +), takes risks, loves meeting challenges and knows how to create value, all at an incredible pace. You “walk the talk” and will deliver:

Vision: You will establish a compelling vision, which will leverage the existing first mover advantage to position the Company as the market leader generating $100,000,000+ in revenues annually. Based on your business intelligence and the input of your management team, you will develop the business model and product positioning to ensure that the Company capitalizes on its competitive advantage.  
Leadership: As a respected leader and mentor, you will inspire key management and staff in R&D, Finance, Marketing and Sales to constantly surpass themselves and to deliver outstanding results in their respective areas. You will use your technology network to attract people that are better than you. You lead by example and expect your management team to challenge you.  
Start-up Management: Based on your previous technology start-up experience, you have experienced the igniting of each of the company’s four cylinders, R&D, Finance, Marketing and Sales, in proper sequence and at increasing operational speed until they are moving so fast that they appear to be working in complete unison. You will vigorously delegate responsibility to your management team while setting the tone and demanding performance objectives in all areas including: Financing, Marketing, Sales, Research, Product Development, Recruiting, Press, Alliances and Employee, Investor, Public and Government Relations. You will closely monitor performance and results and quickly fill in any gaps. A hands-on professional, you expect to spend 50% of your time thinking and planning and 50% of your time doing.  
Investors: As your first priority, you will raise financing with investors based on your vision, reputation and established relationships with US technology financial analysts, investment bankers and strategic investors. You will leverage the networks and experience of existing investors and manage their expectations in order to consistently exceed them. Because you know that cash is king, and that financial planning is crucial, you will work closely with the CFO to run a tight financial ship.  
Branding and Product Marketing: You will make the Company the brand of choice in it’s market by developing and executing a comprehensive marketing plan. Based on your up to the minute market intelligence on market trends, current and future customer requirements, competitor activities, pricing, products, sales and distribution strategies, you will work closely with R&D and Sales to ensure the Company’s competitive product and market positioning and product pricing. You will create a unique style and tagline for the Company brand.  
Alliances: You will target, negotiate and close product and technology alliances with brand-name partners, opinion leaders and influencers in private and public sectors, creating new and innovative deal structures.  
Analysts, Press and Events: You will prepare and present five minute PowerPoint presentations to Analysts, Press and Investors over the phone and at tradeshows and investor events  
Sales: You will close big sales and use your extensive network to open doors with corporations and government




You are a seasoned professional with strong business sense and a make it happen yesterday mentality. Your previous experience as President of a technology start-up, known to US investors, shows that you:

Are a people magnet: customers, alliance and financial partners love to close deals with you
Instantly gain credibility with everyone you meet
Are a natural leader who inspires staff to walk through walls  
Have created a company brand from scratch in a technology company
Have successfully raised financing for a technology company  
Are driven by a burning need to succeed and to do things in a way that has not been done before
Have delivered channel, product and technology alliances
Have persevered in difficult times due to personal commitment and tenacity  
Make mistakes quickly
Have created a high speed silicon valley type culture
Are not comfortable unless you have felt the market and do the travel necessary to achieve this
Need only a cell phone and a laptop to work effectively from anywhere in the world
Have operated sales and marketing separately
Constantly need to be parallel processing
Have run a digital business
Know that time to mind share is more important in today’s high speed world than time to market & that marketing is not a battle of products but a battle of perception
Always deliver what you say you will

Constantly focused on learning, you work at high speed and make decisions quickly. You are always thinking in the background and planning the next step. As a people person, you are recognized for your ability to build relationships based on trust with employees, colleagues, investors, alliance partners and customers.

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