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You will manage all Marketing Communications activities including :

Press: You will leverage your relationship with editors and writers of targeted industry publications to maximize product and company press coverage. You will ensure the company’s visibility by developing and implementing an editorial calendar, by targeting industry specific articles/reviews and industry awards and by organizing and executing press tours.  
Analysts: You will arrange for leading international industry analysts to write research reports about the company and to actively refer its solution to clients and members of the press.  
Trade Shows: You will plan, organize and manage all aspects of trade shows and create and implement innovative approaches to leverage each event, for example: speaker and award participation, press/analyst meetings, giveaways, co-op opportunities, sponsorships, etc.  
Web Site: You will “own” the corporate web site, ensuring that it communicates quickly all aspects of the business and reflects the innovative, high tech corporate culture. Previous experience with FrontPage is desirable.  
e-mail & Fax Broadcasts: You will send monthly email (text and voice) and/or fax broadcasts from databases that you will build and maintain. Previous experience in MS Outlook, Access or Goldmine is desirable.  
Digital Marketing Collaterals: You will prepare and “own” all company collaterals in a digital marketing form including press releases, customer case studies, success stories, company profile, brochures, fact sheets, executive white papers, analyst reports, newsletters, web site content, user manuals and email/fax content. You will be responsible for the brand consistency of all digital and print collaterals, and for the production of print collaterals. Document writing in English is essential.  
Branding: You will “own” the brand and ensure that the brand name is pervasive on all company collaterals, website, emails, voice mail greetings, equipment sold and each computer screen of software sold.  
Special Events: You will plan organize and manage any events which can further propagate the brand, including seminars, road shows, open houses, keynote speeches, sponsorships, galas, user conferences etc.  
Leads: You will qualify and manage leads generated from Marcom activities.  
Advertising: You will identify key publications and coordinate the production and placement of ads, which will resonate the brand and core messaging to the targeted audience.  



You are a highly focused, independent marketing professional with a make it happen yesterday mentality. Your 3-5 years of experience with a brand name packaged software, networking or telecommunications equipment company, known to US investors, shows that you:

Have a track record of creating marketing impact with the media, with analysts, on the website and at tradeshows  
Are a people magnet: press, analysts and tradeshow managers love to deal with you  
Give the press and analysts the information they need, when they need it  
Have developed relationships with the press and analysts focused on your industry  
Have structured a website that respects a 2 click attention span.  
Have been part of a team that created a unique style and brand from scratch.  
Have excellent writing skills in English  
Deliver results in terms of branding  
Have lived in and enjoy a high speed silicon valley type culture  
Have leveraged the marketing potential of analysts, press, tradeshows and websites.  
Need only a cell phone and a laptop to work effectively from anywhere in the world.  
Use only digital marketing collaterals such as PowerPoint presentations, customer case studies, ebrochures, press releases and website content.  
Know that time to mind share is more important in today’s high speed world than time to market & that marketing is not just a battle of products but a battle of perception.  
Always deliver what you say you will.  

Constantly focused on learning, you work at high speed, make decisions quickly and challenge your VP of Marketing on Marcom issues. You are always thinking in the background and planning the next step. As a people person, you are recognized for your ability to build relationships based on trust with the media, analysts, tradeshow managers, customers and colleagues. Knowledge of French or another language would be an asset.

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