Director Product Management

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In your role as a key member of the executive team you will use your strong business sense, solid technology start-up experience and seasoned professionalism to manage the evolution of the product offering :

Product & Market Positioning: Your vision will drive product specifications and market positioning based on customer requirements, technology advances and business intelligence.  
Product Development & Testing: You will work closely with pedigree clients to define and fine-tune product specifications, and manage the technical side of alpha and beta testing.  
Business Intelligence & Technology Alliances: You are at the bleeding edge of enterprise software, or telecommunications and networking technologies, products, current and future customer requirements and competitor activities in the US and worldwide. You will identify and enter into technology and product alliances to maintain the company’s position as the world leader in their industry.  
Customers: You love satisfying customers and participating in the sales process including evaluating customer requirements, contributing to the technical and product portion of bids and participating in the closing of sales.  
Technology: You have strength in defining product technology requirements based on your technical expertise in: telecommunications and networking applications or enterprise software.  



You are a highly focused, web addicted engineer with a get it done yesterday mentality who is capable of setting priorities and delivering results quickly. You are an expert in Networking technology or Enterprise Software applications. Your 10+ years of experience, includes at least one successful pedigree technology company known to US investors. Your track record confirms your strong business sense and shows that you:

Are a people magnet developers and customers love to work with you.  
Understand the role and importance of business intelligence.  
Are on top of key trends in the networking and telecommunications markets.  
Know what it takes to deliver reliable and high quality product on time and within budget.  
Can evaluate and clearly communicate potential technology strategy changes in terms of opportunities and risks.  
Have established a network of alpha and beta testing with pedigree companies.  
Know your way around the trade show floor.  
Have concluded contracts with technology and product alliance partners.  

Constantly focused on learning, you work at high speed, make decisions quickly and challenge the other members of the senior management team on technology and market issues. You are always thinking in the background and planning the next step. As a people person you are recognized for your ability to build relationships based on trust with customers, sales and developers. Ideally, you are fluent in French and English.

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