Startup Board Director (TechnoGrayHair)
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You will use your strong business sense, solid technology start-up experience, industry specific network and seasoned professionalism to actively contribute to the growth and success of one or more of the TechnoAffiliates as a member of the Board of Directors. Based on your track record you will add value in the following areas :

Start-up Management: Based on your previous technology start-up experience, you have experienced the igniting of each of the company’s four cylinders, R&D, Finance, Marketing and Sales, in proper sequence and at increasing operational speed until they are moving so fast that they appear to be working in complete unison. You will share this knowledge and expertise with the President & CEO.  
Investors: You will open doors to assist in raising financing based on your reputation and established relationships with US technology financial analysts, investment bankers and strategic investors.  
Alliances: You will initiate contacts leading to alliances with brand-name partners, opinion leaders and influencers in private and public sectors.  
Branding and Product Marketing: You will assist in making the Company the brand of choice in its market by using your up to the minute market intelligence on market trends, current and future customer requirements, competitor activities, pricing, products, sales and distribution strategies to influence decisions on product positioning.  
Candidates: Through your network of industry contacts you will assist in finding the right Executives to complete the management team.  
Corporate Governance: will monitor and respect all legal requirements of the Board to act in the best interest of the company and protect shareholder rights.  



You are a seasoned professional with strong business sense and a make it happen yesterday mentality. Your previous experience as an Executive of a technology start-up, known to US investors, shows that you:

Are an experienced board member of a start-up  
Instantly gain credibility with everyone you meet  
Have exceptional operating experience in the sector of the TechnoAffiliate  
Have a network of pertinent industry contacts  
Have been involved in raising financing for a technology company  
Are a team player, who acts as a teacher and a leader when possible  
Are a deal doer  
Have persevered in difficult times due to personal commitment and tenacity  
Make mistakes quickly
Are comfortable in a high speed silicon valley type culture
Are not comfortable unless you have felt the market and do the travel necessary to achieve this
Love technology  
Always do what you say you will

Constantly focused on learning, you work at high speed and make decisions quickly. You are always thinking in the background and planning the next step. As a people person, you are recognized for your ability to build relationships based on trust with employees, colleagues, investors, alliance partners and customers.

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