Vice-President Finance

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In your role as a key member of the executive team you will use your strong business sense, solid technology start-up experience and professionalism to manage financial and legal issues.


Financial Management: You will be responsible for :
- Financial reporting including monthly statements, budgets, forecasts, pipelines (sales and financing), the business plan and offering memorandums.
- Executing focused recommendations based on financial and business performance analytics and your knowledge of industry standards
- Cost accounting and product pricing that maximizes gross margin
- Cash Management, strictly adhering to the principle that "cash is king".

Corporate Secretary and Corporate Governance: You will prepare board minutes, binders and legal documents and work with the Board of Directors based on your understanding of the dual roles of responsibility to the President and fiduciary responsibility to the Board.  
Financings:You will maintain good relations with existing and future financial partners and lead financings including their financial and legal aspects, with:
- Banks
- Strategic US investors
- R&D tax credits
- Government agencies such as IRAP, IQ and Western Diversification.
Contracts: You will own and manage the company's contracts with customers, employees (including ESOP's) suppliers and shareholders.  
Intellectual Property Protection: You will own the process and legal documents protecting the corporation's intellectual property, including non-disclosure, non-complete and invention agreements and patent and copyright registration.  



You are a natural closer and a seasoned professional (C.A., C.P.A or C.M.A.) with a get it done yesterday mentality, who has worked for a big five accounting firm and recently in a pedigree technology company known to US investors. Your track record confirms your strong business sense and shows that you:

Have previously suffered in cash starved situations and never want your company to be in that situation again  
Love negotiating and can keep negotiations going in difficult times  
Create opportunities to leverage financing  
Have closed B and C rounds with brand venture investors of at least US$15M  
Have been at the table through a large M&A liquidity event and/or NASDAQ IPO over the past 5 years  
Have Canadian / US cross border and multi-facility operating experience  
Have extensive legal, contracting and corporate governance experience  
Have successfully negotiated R&D tax credit claims with tax auditors  
Have acquired and integrated companies in different countries  

Constantly focused on learning, you are web addicted and are on top of the latest technology financing events. You work at high speed, make decisions quickly and challenge your President on business issues. You are capable of contributing to all aspects of the business plan based on your understanding of marketing, distribution and product development. You are always thinking in the background and planning the next step. As a people person you are recognized for your ability to build relationships based on trust with investors, directors, bankers and employees. Ideally, you are fluent in French and English.

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