Vice-President R&D
(Product Development & Program Management)
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In your role as a key member of the executive team you will use your strong business sense, solid technology start-up experience and seasoned professionalism to manage product development and customer programs:

Business Intelligence & Technology Alliances: You are at the bleeding edge of telecommunications, networking and/or web based technologies, products and markets in the US and worldwide and will identify and enter into technology and product alliances to maintain the company’s position as the world leader in their industry.  
Product & Market Positioning:: Your vision will drive product and market positioning based on customer requirements, technology advances and business intelligence.  
Customers: You love satisfying customers and participating in the sales process including evaluating customer requirements, preparing the technical, product & program management portion of bids and participating in the closing of sales. You also love to interface with customers at major trade shows.  
Team Management: You will guide, coach and inspire your product development team and create a high speed silicon valley type culture.  
Product Development & Program Management: You will ‘own’ the product development process from specification, to securing pedigree clients for alpha and beta testing from your network of contacts, to being responsible for the on time and in budget delivery of all product development and customer commitments. Your strength is in structuring the development process as well as identifying, quantifying and managing risks. You will also put in place a sound project management process to support the development cycles, resource assignment and R&D tax credit documentation.  
Technology: You have strength in managing diverse technologies and have technical expertise in: telecommunications, networking and /or web based applications.  
On-line Documentation: You will ensure that your technical writing team has adequate information to produce digital documentation including specifications and interactive guides, while meeting format and quality standards as provided by Marketing.  
Testing & Quality Assurance: Staffing for a ratio of 2 developers to 1 tester, you will ensure that testing and QA are fully integrated in the entire product development process.  
Intellectual Property Protection: You will be responsible for protecting the corporation’s intellectual property, including non-disclosure, non-compete and invention agreements and patent and copyright registration.  
Contracts & R&D Funding: You will negotiate contracts with product and technology alliance partners including government funding. You will support R&D tax credit reporting and participate in negotiating claims with government auditors. You will also secure R&D funding from governments and customers.  
Analysts: In collaboration with Marketing, you will deal with leading international industry analyst, press and industry influencers. You will write compelling technology, executive and analyst white papers for their use.  



You are a highly focused, web addicted professional with a get it done yesterday mentality who is capable of setting priorities and delivering results quickly. Your 10+ years of experience, includes at least one successful pedigree technology company known to US investors. Your track record confirms your strong business sense and shows that you:

are a people magnet – developers love to work with you  
understand the role and importance of business intelligence
are on top of key trends in the internet, networking and telecommunications markets  
have delivered reliable and high quality product on time and within budget
can evaluate and clearly communicate potential technology strategy changes in terms of opportunities and risks  
understand the product management process
don’t suffer from the NIH (not invented here) syndrome and have integrated other company’s technologies within your product offering
do not defocus your R&D team with the latest bleeding edge technologies  
have established a network of alpha and beta testing with pedigree companies
know your way around the trade show floor
have participated in successful negotiations of R&D tax credit claims with tax auditors
have concluded contracts with technology and product alliance partners including government

Constantly focused on learning, you work at high speed, make decisions quickly and challenge your President on technology and market issues. You are always thinking in the background and planning the next step. As a people person you are recognized for your ability to build relationships based on trust with customers, government agencies, marketing and sales departments and developers. Ideally, you are fluent in French and English.

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